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Validate referrer

Validating the referrer allows you to make sure that your form endpoint is only used in your own domain. In fact, this is useful to prevent human attacks more than bot attacks. The reason is that bots can easily fake the referrer, while for human who use a browser - the browser is automatically sending the referrer.

Note that some browsers are not sending the referer header (typo is in HTTP protocol) because it can be considered a privacy violation. When a referer header is not-sent, we allow the submission. It means that this option is protecting against anyone who is trying to place your form in a different domain.


We automatically allow localhost domain in order to allow developers to work locally

To enable this option:

  1. In your form settings, click the Spam filter ⓵ menu
  2. Scroll down to Verify referrer section, and set the name of the domain that you'd like to allow. You can add multiple domains separated with comma. Don't forget to save.

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