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What is Form-Data

Form-Data is a backend for your forms. It allows you to collect form submissions from your static HTML forms.

You can build your forms in any technology stack that you choose - from plain HTML through React, Vue, Svelte, and all the way to any site builder such as Wordpress and Webflow. It will handle the submissions.

What you'll get

Once you connect your form to a Form-Data endpoint, you can start collecting submissions. You'll get out of the box:

  • Spam filtering
  • Email notifications
  • Auto response
  • Files upload
  • Integrations
  • CSV export
  • Validations (soon)

Why do you need it

Creating a fully functional forms' backend is a lot of work. Sending emails is tricky and you might easily find yourself in the spam folder or even black listed. Web forms spam is a real pandemic and very hard to get rid of. On average we see 2 spam-bot submissions for every valid submission that our customers get. So instead of wasting your time on trying to get this right, just focus on your business, and leave all this to us.