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Zapier is a service that enables integration between web applications. It does that by connecting triggers and actions into workflows called Zaps.

Zapier currently supports over 5000 web applications. A form submission in Form-Data can be used as a trigger in Zapier, which makes it possible to connect to any of the web applications available as actions.

To create a Zap:

  1. Click the Integrations menu ⓵.
  2. Scroll down to Zapier, and copy the Integration key ⓶.
  3. Choose the application that you'd like to connect with ⓷. In the example below we've used Slack
  4. Click Use this Zap button ⓸ of the integration that you'd like to create
  5. You will be directed to Zapier. You have to log in, or create an account there.
  6. Follow the instructions provided by Zapier to complete your integration. When instructed to provide the integration key, paste the key that you have copied in step ⓶ above.

Create a zap